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Emily Highfield’s one-woman project Suldusk, released an award-winning album, Lunar Falls in 2019. 

Weaving acoustic tones of dark folk with elements of atmospheric black metal and post rock, Suldusk create a powerful panoramic of shimmering guitars, affecting melodies and atmospheric density.

Starting as a live acoustic three piece, the band now features Frankie Demuru (drums), Shane Mulholland (guitar and vocals), Josh Taylor (acoustic guitar), Daniel Green (bass) and Hayley Anderson (violin). Suldusk has supported Wolves in The Throne Room, Eluveitie, Zeal and Ardor, Psychroptic, Be’lakor and many more.

Suldusk was the first heavy band to perform at the Melbourne Recital Centre in 2019 where it picked up the award for Best Heavy Album (Victoria Music Awards).


With the new album "Anthesis" the band collectively dig deeper into the primeval forests of the psyche.  Produced by Troy McCosker (Ne Obliviscaris) and mastered by Thomas Johansson (Soilwork), Anthesis is dive into more extreme labyrinthian cadences of light and dark. Blast beat sections cradle and contrast with intricate acoustic guitar, strings and vocal harmonies.


A synthesis of dark folk, post metal, atmospheric black metal, with prog and doom flourishes, Anthesis creates a resonance which alights both the shimmers and the shadows, from the deepest woodlands.

About Lunar Falls (2019):

"Killer debut album" (Folk'N'Rock)

“Executed brilliantly” (Everything Is Noise) 

“A success in creating thoroughly entrancing musical experiences through seamless juxtapositions of contrasting musical styles.” (No Clean Singing).

"Every subsequent listen to Lunar Falls tugs viciously at my heart strings, as she draws listeners deep into her musical forest.” (Angry Metal Guy).

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